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Three-day Flat Rate with Unlimited Mileage … $1,995


One investigator will conduct on-site surveillance, 8 hours per day for three days.  All surveillance will be scheduled within a one-week period.   Additional days may be contracted at a flat rate of $750 per day or $90 per hour and $0.85 per mile (four-hour minimum).   Verbal and written reports will be provided at the client’s discretion.

NOTE:  Unlimited Mileage applies ONLY within Bexar County, TX.  If the investigator departs Bexar County, normal mileage rates ($0.85 per mile) apply until the investigator returns to Bexar County.

Additional options available on this  surveillance plan or we will develop a surveillance plan that meets your specific needs.  Please contact us for the complete details on this and other Surveillance Plans.




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