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Standard Investigative Rates and Policies


  • Standard Investigative Rates:
    • One Investigator:     $90 per hour and $0.85 per mile 
    • Two Investigators:  $150 per hour and $0.85 per mile per investigator
  •  General information and policy:
    1. Normally, all hourly rates and mileage charges begin and end at the office.
    2. Unless stated otherwise, all investigations will have a four-hour minimum charge.
    3.  My Texas PI uses a two-investigator team (in separate vehicles) for ALL infidelity cases unless there are special circumstances or special arrangements have been made beforehand.  This may sound more expensive, however, in our experience it  is actually more cost effective… you’ll have to trust us on this.
    4. Expenses incurred by the investigator during the course of the investigation are billable to the client.  These expenses include parking, tolls, hotels, event tickets, etc. If an investigator enters a bar or restaurant to continue surveillance of the subject and the investigator purchases a meal or drink to avoid looking conspicuous, that meal or drink WILL BE charged to the client.  However, meals, snacks, beverages, etc. consumed by an investigator while sitting in his or her surveillance vehicle observing the subject are NOT billable to the client.
    5. GPS rental is $100 per day, $2,500 per month.  A separate GPS agreement must be signed.  Additional fees for installation, removal, and monitoring apply.  Please speak to a representative for full details.


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