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Process Service

Effective May 1, 2016

Service Levels and Fees Defined

Service Level First attempt within 3 attempts within
Regular 3 days 21 days
RUSH 1 day 10 days
URGENT 12 hours 6 days


Fees for Process Service in Bexar County

Service Level Fee
Regular $80.00
RUSH $90.00
URGENT $110.00

Fees for Process Service in counties other than Bexar

Service Level Fee
Regular $95.00 plus mileage fee
RUSH $105.00 plus mileage fee
URGENT $120.00 plus mileage fee

Mileage fee: $0.65 per mile from Bexar County line to the service address and return to the Bexar County line.

Other Support

Service Fee
Forwarding to an out-of-area or out-of-state Process Service Company for delivery $45.00 plus their delivery & postage fees
Service by Certified Mail (Return Receipt) $55.00 plus postage fee
Substitute Service $45.00 added to the delivery fee
Surveillance for Process Service $35.00 per hour plus delivery fee
Skip-tracing service $195.00 (and up)
Special Process Service If it’s legal and ethical, we’ll deliver papers any way you want.

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