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Cheating Spouse caught


One investigator will follow your cheater as he or she meets up for their lunch-hour or another daytime rendezvous.  The investigator will sit close by and observe your cheater’s activities for 3 hours while using covert video techniques to record their activities and report directly back to you.

*Additional options available on this ‘Catch a Cheater’ surveillance plan or we will develop a surveillance plan that meets your specific needs.  Please contact us for the complete details on this and our other Catch a Cheater Surveillance Plans.


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Service Fee
Lunch-time Meeting Under $300
One-Day Surveillance Under $700
Night-time Meeting Under $800
24-Hours of Surveillance $1,650 (plus mileage charges)
Spouse Check Package about $1,300 (plus mileage charges)
Three-day Flat Rate with Unlimited Mileage Under $2,000

*Some restrictions regarding the location may apply.

Click here for information regarding our standard investigative rates and policies related to our infidelity investigations.

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