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Cheating Partners

Dinner DateAlthough we often poke fun at this reality of life, infidelity is a painful and often devastating situation for the family, the children and others that may not be directly involved in the matter.

My Texas PI began with infidelity cases and it is where we excel. We are sensitive to the issues of the family and take a serious approach to meeting our client’s specific goals and will not expose them or their family to undue concern or anxiety.

Every infidelity situation is different – there are different priorities, different circumstances, different family members to consider.  We understand that each client’s requirement can be best fulfilled by developing a custom surveillance plan designed to obtain evidence of the offending party’s illicit activities.  However, very often our clients have never encountered the need for a private investigator and have no idea of where to start.

To help our clients understand the types of services, the costs, and techniques that may be used to meet their goal of obtaining evidence of infidelity, My Texas PI designed several ‘Catch a Cheater’ packages.  These packages are  designed to help our individual or attorney clients get a better idea of services and costs associated with an infidelity investigation.

Click on any of the package below for a brief description our ‘Catch a Cheater’ package.   This may provide you a little better idea of what you need and the costs but to fully understand our services and the restrictions of each package, it’s best that you speak to us.

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