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24-Hours of Surveillance … $1,650



Two Investigators will dedicate a total of 24 hours surveillance time (12 hour by each investigator) to observe your cheater over a two- to three-day period.  The start times and location of the surveillance will be of your choosing.  Video and field reports will be provided at the end of the surveillance operations.   (Standard mileage rate applies.)

A one-week rental of a GPS Tracking device may be added to this package for a reduced rate of $500 or $2,000 for a one-month rental (normally $100 per day/$2,500 per month). Restrictions and conditions apply regarding use of a GPS Tracking device – please contact our office for a full explanation.

NOTE:  Normal Mileage Rates apply:  $.85 per mile (per investigator)

Additional options available on this ‘Catch a Cheater’ surveillance plan or we will develop a surveillance plan that meets your specific needs.  Please contact us for the complete details on this and our other Catch a Cheater Surveillance Plans.


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